Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Invitation

Our intention behind starting this site ‘Bhagat Intellectuals’ is the fact that our senior bureaucrats(IAS,IPS,IRS,PCS,KPS,KCS),Proffessionals and working class feel a need for platform where they can find each other with reasonable details of contact information with proper classification. We request our Bhagat intellectuals to send their feeds for our system so that data base is created. This is also service to the community. We intend to make it worldwide data base of working Megh Bhagats which will help enhanced internal communication within our community members. Data has already started coming in. We also put on record that Bhagat Mahasabha has conducted meetings of our intellectual groups at various places including Jammu, Amritsar, Gurdaspur,Jalandhar,Ludhiana etc. with a specific agenda. 


Bhushan said...

Good idea. Congrats.

gajendra said...

Thanks a lot for the history and endevour to bring our people together. Everybody should know their roots and present condition ,so, they can learn the things in a scientific way.It is needed for human development.The Great kings of yester years are almost beggars today.The descendants of Indus civilization have lost their skills which their forfathers were having in city planning, non violence society, common food hall etc.which are /were No. one on this planet.The same blood flows in our body,from last five thousand years, we have to renew the highest skills of Mohenjadaro.This site will give us inspiration.Society shows the roots, today's OX Beggars are our people, the king/people of Indus civilization were OX devotees.Barbarians made us their slaves, and we accepted it without leaving loyalty to OX.
Gajendra Raj, Hyderabad (AP)

BHAGAT said...

hello sir this is raman from pathankot sir u told in pathankot that there are lot of sample papers of banking on bhagat website but could not able to find out that plz tell me where from i can find those papers .........

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